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Social TV and TV Everywhere

Remember the days of gathering around the TV to watch your favourite program (shout-out to Magnum PI) when you entered into a riveting and deep discourse with an older sibling?  Well I might be stretching a bit.  But, the days … Continue reading

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The news about the news

The news about the news – Jessica Bruce My reflection on our course this month brought me back to my main topic of choice this module regarding the news and framing. From our online forum I was directed to yet … Continue reading

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Creativity: Evolution vs. Revolution

Throughout this section all that has played over and over in my mind is the question of evolution vs. revolution. Especially after reading chap. 5 of Jackson, NiElsen & Hsu (2011, p.102). When we see the traces of older media … Continue reading

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Creating Community Through Networking

Community, corporate structures and creative cultures are all topics explored in this month’s module. As we discovered, the dynamic of each of these is not as black and white as our perceptions. Community as we learned for Aboriginal Internet Art … Continue reading

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Leonardo Live: Art meets Popcorn Or: Who’s rolling in the grave harder, DaVinci or McLuhan? Technology has provided an opportunity for people across the globe to experience phenomena that they may not otherwise have. Think of how much children can … Continue reading

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Is three a crowd?

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Picture this.  You’re standing in the middle of Home Outfitters and you’re on a mission.  Today is the day that you finally drop $400 on that gorgeous KitchenAid mixer that you have been fantasizing about for the last twelve months. … Continue reading

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Content Redux – An Attack on Original Content and Creativity?

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What’s that saying?  Everything old is new again.  Recently, I heard Harrison Ford would be reprising his role as Han Solo for Star Wars Episode VII.  Actually the entire ensemble cast was signing on to bring the intergalactic space odyssey … Continue reading

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Why historical culture matters — and deserves our protection

Recent class discussions and my presentation on UNESCO have had me thinking a great deal about the value and importance of historical culture and artifacts. I believe there is an important balance to strike between economic development and prospectivity and … Continue reading

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Online communities: Yay or nay?

As the amount of information, knowledge, and advice available online grows vastly each and every day, so does the number of communities that discuss various topics. These communities are multiplying at exponential rates becoming as unique as the demographic of … Continue reading

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On framing and cognitive categorization

“Tell me this: are eagles large? And, next, are cabins small? If you said yes to both, congratulations – you’re right. But if you said no to both, you’re not wrong. In fact, you’re just as right as the others … Continue reading

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