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A mom, dog owner, student, volunteer and PR practitioner pretty much sums it up. The blog discusses all of the above: life and PR.

Where traditional and citizen journalism find a place to live in harmony and cohesiveness

As we continue to experience the advent of digital communication — and in particular the continued proliferation of citizen journalism — there’s an interesting discussion to be had whether citizen journalism will eventually overtake traditional journalism, or rather the two … Continue reading

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Why historical culture matters — and deserves our protection

Recent class discussions and my presentation on UNESCO have had me thinking a great deal about the value and importance of historical culture and artifacts. I believe there is an important balance to strike between economic development and prospectivity and … Continue reading

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The truth about cats and blogs

Perhaps a more accurate title for this blog post would be “Cats and the dialogue of online news forums,” however, I thought “The truth about cats and blogs” sounded better. I digress… The evolution of communication technology has led us to an … Continue reading

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