This is a class blog for the 2013 fall session of GPRL6105 (18): Media, Culture & Society, at Mount Saint Vincent University. It also features the work of students from the 2013 winter session of the same course.

Media as culture, culture as society, society as mediated culture – and variations on these themes – provide avenues of discussion. Explorations include studies of cultures of production and the mediation of meaning, reflections on exclusions and inclusions, and on Canada within a globalized media production context.

In the winter section of the course, we initially dealt with the meaning of culture, the idea of publics, and some of the implications of living in a mediated society, including what is meant by such a term. Check out the spectrum of work students initially delved into: from podcamps through friendraising & fundraising to considerations of broadcasting audiences. Big questions came up about contradictory meanings of culture, the depth and breadth of media convergence, the intersection of art and broadcasting, and the role of technology. Specific reflections on consumption and the loneliness of some virtual experiences suggest that moderation may be a wise course for the future. The options for  imagined societies and the potential for open-source coverage provide food for thought as we navigate our way into future enquiries. As for cats and blogs, you’ll have to check that out yourself. Mee-ow.



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