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I am a Public Relations, Change Management and Project Management professional in New Brunswick. I'm a proud alum of X, UNB and MSVU. Taking names and collecting acronyms...

The social media Indiana Jones: An archaeological look for my niece on social media

I’m still mulling over a question Mary Elizabeth asked us in class a few weeks ago, to paraphrase, is tecnological media temporary or permanent? I think I still don’t know what the answer is because I want it to be … Continue reading

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CBC and cybertyping Generation Y

CBC and cybertyping Generation Y CBC has gone zine. It’s a word that was adopted  by the Internet in the late 1990s (or five thousand years ago in Web years) after years of being small alt-magazines with limited distribution and … Continue reading

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Leonardo Live: Art meets Popcorn Or: Who’s rolling in the grave harder, DaVinci or McLuhan? Technology has provided an opportunity for people across the globe to experience phenomena that they may not otherwise have. Think of how much children can … Continue reading

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Culture that Unites and Divides

After coming home from a very lovely two-week vacation in Europe, I’ve realized that It is only when I travel that I find myself being the most patriotic my Canadian culture and identity. By being immersed in other cultures, I … Continue reading

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