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Peacekeeping or crazy Canadians?

I am from a long-standing Canadian family who worked hard and believed in Canada. What did they believe? Similar to many people mentioned in Feeling Canadian: television, nationalism and affect by Marusya Bociurkiw (2011), they believed, “Certain collective, mythical notions … Continue reading


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Online Networks

The presentations last week were very well done. I like to think that we stick to what we know, and I can say that I know very little, or nothing about aboriginal art or internet art as Guglietti (2010) highlights … Continue reading

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All Together Now?!

Technology, Culture & Society Over the last few weeks I have learned a considerable amount about the importance of identifying and understanding the “public”. In Lisa Gitelman’s article Always Already New, we are introduced to what would become one of … Continue reading

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The Continuous Cycle of Consumption in a Mediated Society

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In my house there has been a constant argument for many years. When my brother would prepare himself for school and work in the morning, he would never turn the taps all the way back. The taps would drip water … Continue reading

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Social Media as evidence of Digital Citizenship: Through the lens of a Podcamp-er

Remember that time at band camp? You gathered with individuals of similar interests, and even though you could play your instrument at home, you still found value in getting together in person, and leaving with a sense of accomplishment and … Continue reading

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Connecting strangers for good.

“So when I said ‘the world is flat, we’re all connected’, Facebook didn’t exist, Twitter was a sound, The Cloud was in the sky, 4G was a parking space, LinkedIn was a prison, applications were what you sent to college, … Continue reading

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Media convergence and vertical integration – death of the local voice or the essential evolution of an industry?

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(The following includes my own perspective of a balanced approach to the subject. The views are my own.) Given today’s fast paced world where companies are only as good as their latest innovation, be it either the latest high-tech gadget … Continue reading

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The Medium is the Message

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In today’s mediated society, you cannot watch the evening news, surf the net, or engage in a news-related conversation without the term ‘citizen journalism’ popping up along the way. Blogs, forums, and uploading of photographs or videos to the Internet … Continue reading

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Big Brother circa George Orwell’s 1984

“You are not only watching media, it is watching you.” This statement was stated in the first chapter of Mediated Society: a critical sociology of media by Jackson, Nielsen & Hsu (2011).  The above statement scared the crap out of … Continue reading

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Don’t change that channel!

Miller (2010) suggests that television is not directly selling anything to the audience and the audience is not buying anything but then why is an audience so important for a show’s survival? I believe the audience plays a huge role … Continue reading

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