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I am a full time public relations student at Mount Saint Vincent University. My interests are rooted in radio and politics.

Grannies & Guru’s: Cyber Identities Online

So, picture this… It’s a Sunday afternoon in early March, the sun is shining, and the air is brisk. My cellphone rings as I am making brunch and tea. My late 70’s grandmother is on the other line. After asking … Continue reading

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Creating Community Through Networking

Community, corporate structures and creative cultures are all topics explored in this month’s module. As we discovered, the dynamic of each of these is not as black and white as our perceptions. Community as we learned for Aboriginal Internet Art … Continue reading

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The Continuous Cycle of Consumption in a Mediated Society

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In my house there has been a constant argument for many years. When my brother would prepare himself for school and work in the morning, he would never turn the taps all the way back. The taps would drip water … Continue reading

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New Year, New Semester

January is the month of new beginnings. New courses and new promises to myself that I will get on the treadmill… while I will probably slip back into old habits, I am so looking forward to making Media, Culture & … Continue reading

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