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A Masters student in Public Relations at MSVU. Bachelors in International Development and Political Science from Mcgill University. Interested in Internal Communication and Change Management.

Public Service Narrowcasting

What we need and can now have is some genuine plurality. The above quote comes from Bazalgette’s Public Service Narrowcasting article (2009, p.40). I was so excited reading this article because I really believe that niche markets with special and … Continue reading

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Creativity: Evolution vs. Revolution

Throughout this section all that has played over and over in my mind is the question of evolution vs. revolution. Especially after reading chap. 5 of Jackson, NiElsen & Hsu (2011, p.102). When we see the traces of older media … Continue reading

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Big Brother circa George Orwell’s 1984

“You are not only watching media, it is watching you.” This statement was stated in the first chapter of Mediated Society: a critical sociology of media by Jackson, Nielsen & Hsu (2011).  The above statement scared the crap out of … Continue reading

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