Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture: Why Media is Not the Answer Written by Karen Sternheimer (2013) Book Review By: Lance Wade

Originally posted on mediaculturesocietydotcom:
Karen Sternheimer is an author of numerous books surrounding youth and particularly fears surrounding the effects of media on children. Sternheimer is an acclaimed associate professor in sociology at the University of Southern California. In her…


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Review: Citizens’ Media Against Armed Conflict

Clemencia Rodriguez is a captivating storyteller who uses imagery and thought-provoking ideas to make an argument for why citizen media recognizes its highest potential when used as a vehicle of peace. Throughout her book Citizens’ Media Against Armed Conflict: Disrupting … Continue reading

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Media Review – Andrew Keen: What is Social Media Really Doing to our Society?

Andrew Keen is described as a supreme cyber grumpy and the anti-Christ of Silicon Valley, due to his negative views on the digital age. He recently wrote a book entitled Digital Vertigo: How Today’s Online Social Revolution is Dividing, Diminishing … Continue reading

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Collaborate, Productive, Performative, Templated: Youth, Identity, and Breaking the Fourth Wall Online – by Shayla Thiel-Stern

Originally posted on Youth, Identity, and Breaking the Fourth Wall Online:
Article Review By: Lance Wade In Shayla Thiel-Stern’s article, she attempts to extrapolate information on how adolescents navigate social media and the theoretical changes it has made in their…

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Why Newspapers Gave Away The Future

In the e-book Why American Newspapers Gave Away The Future (2012), prominent newspaper executive Richard J. Tofel takes a detailed look at the series of strategic mistakes, coupled with new technologies that led to the decline, and in some cases … Continue reading

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Canadian or Kardashian – Nation Branding, Cultural Legitimacy and the Decline of that Nation State

In “Living the Brand: Nationality, Globality and the Identity Strategies of Nation Branding Consultants”, Mellissa Aronczyk of New York University tackles the emergence of “nation branding” as a distinct communications discipline and assesses its impact on society, the relevance of … Continue reading

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How television brings us together as a nation

During class on October 1, 2013, we discussed Bociurkiw’s (2011) interest in analyzing the role of television in cultivating feelings of nationalism. She sought to examine this relationship through Affect Theory and we sought to relate this to our personal … Continue reading

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Innis’ Bias

I am a firm believer that before you embark upon something, anything, you need to do your research. Harold Innis’ The Bias of Communication is a must-read for anyone studying or practicing public relations, as it provides a condensed historical … Continue reading

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The social media Indiana Jones: An archaeological look for my niece on social media

I’m still mulling over a question Mary Elizabeth asked us in class a few weeks ago, to paraphrase, is tecnological media temporary or permanent? I think I still don’t know what the answer is because I want it to be … Continue reading

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Grannies & Guru’s: Cyber Identities Online

So, picture this… It’s a Sunday afternoon in early March, the sun is shining, and the air is brisk. My cellphone rings as I am making brunch and tea. My late 70’s grandmother is on the other line. After asking … Continue reading

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