Collaborate, Productive, Performative, Templated: Youth, Identity, and Breaking the Fourth Wall Online – by Shayla Thiel-Stern

Youth, Identity, and Breaking the Fourth Wall Online

Article Review By: Lance Wade

In Shayla Thiel-Stern’s article, she attempts to extrapolate information on how adolescents navigate social media and the theoretical changes it has made in their methodological identity.  This process has changed the way young people grow into adolescence.  Thiel-Stern focuses on a number of aspects, in particularly Social Media and its impact on adolescent identities and breaking the fourth wall online.  This review examines Thiel-Stern’s article and highlights key components of her research.

The method of how young people converse in common culture discourse has not changed, however due to social media adolescents reveal themselves to the outside world much faster than previous generations.  Thiel-Stern identifies the misconception of young people being stereotyped as consuming members of the online audience.  However, they are considered prosumers (combining terms producer and consumer) who share their knowledge to the public.  Social Media is their platform or tool of choice…

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About M.E. Luka

Mary Elizabeth (“ME”) Luka is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, in the Department of Arts, Culture & Media (UTSC), and is cross-appointed to the Faculty of Information. Her scholarly research and teaching interests focus on production practices and creativity in cultural media production and more generally the creative and cultural industries, and the intriguing dynamics—and networks—generated at the intersection of the arts, broadcasting and digital production. In addition, ME is an award-winning producer and director for television and digital media as well as an experienced consultant in art, culture and media. @meluka01 |
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