Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture: Why Media is Not the Answer Written by Karen Sternheimer (2013) Book Review By: Lance Wade


Karen Sternheimer is an author of numerous books surrounding youth and particularly fears surrounding the effects of media on children. Sternheimer is an acclaimed associate professor in sociology at the University of Southern California.

In her book, Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture:  Why Media is Not the Answer, I focused my attention on chapter two as the basis for this review which is, Is Popular Culture Really Ruining Childhood?  This chapter focuses on the idea of pop culture and the impact it has on childhood.  I chose this particular chapter as it aligns with my final paper on how social media is affecting social behaviour of adolescents as it pertains to cyberbullying.

Sternheimer argues that pop culture is not changing childhood as much as society might think.  She bases her theories on three main questions.  Firstly, Sternheimer examines the meaning of childhood.   Secondly, who decides what children should…

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Mary Elizabeth (“ME”) Luka is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, in the Department of Arts, Culture & Media (UTSC), and is cross-appointed to the Faculty of Information. Her scholarly research and teaching interests focus on production practices and creativity in cultural media production and more generally the creative and cultural industries, and the intriguing dynamics—and networks—generated at the intersection of the arts, broadcasting and digital production. In addition, ME is an award-winning producer and director for television and digital media as well as an experienced consultant in art, culture and media. @meluka01 |
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