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Media Review – Andrew Keen: What is Social Media Really Doing to our Society?

Andrew Keen is described as a supreme cyber grumpy and the anti-Christ of Silicon Valley, due to his negative views on the digital age. He recently wrote a book entitled Digital Vertigo: How Today’s Online Social Revolution is Dividing, Diminishing … Continue reading

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Why Newspapers Gave Away The Future

In the e-book Why American Newspapers Gave Away The Future (2012), prominent newspaper executive Richard J. Tofel takes a detailed look at the series of strategic mistakes, coupled with new technologies that led to the decline, and in some cases … Continue reading

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How television brings us together as a nation

During class on October 1, 2013, we discussed Bociurkiw’s (2011) interest in analyzing the role of television in cultivating feelings of nationalism. She sought to examine this relationship through Affect Theory and we sought to relate this to our personal … Continue reading

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Innis’ Bias

I am a firm believer that before you embark upon something, anything, you need to do your research. Harold Innis’ The Bias of Communication is a must-read for anyone studying or practicing public relations, as it provides a condensed historical … Continue reading

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We are what we consume or we consume what we are? Maybe neither.

It is typically assumed that we have our identity, our personality, what makes us ourselves, and we interact within society and certain social spheres, adapting to each of them (i.e. school, home, parties). Each scope of action for a social … Continue reading

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On framing and cognitive categorization

“Tell me this: are eagles large? And, next, are cabins small? If you said yes to both, congratulations – you’re right. But if you said no to both, you’re not wrong. In fact, you’re just as right as the others … Continue reading

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The Continuous Cycle of Consumption in a Mediated Society

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In my house there has been a constant argument for many years. When my brother would prepare himself for school and work in the morning, he would never turn the taps all the way back. The taps would drip water … Continue reading

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The Medium is the Message

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In today’s mediated society, you cannot watch the evening news, surf the net, or engage in a news-related conversation without the term ‘citizen journalism’ popping up along the way. Blogs, forums, and uploading of photographs or videos to the Internet … Continue reading

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Blog Post # 1 for Section 1

Culture, Media and the Imaginary. As humans, we live in a context of intelligibility where we become acquainted with our culture and manage the meanings of everything that surrounds us. This knowledge has some universalities, but is mainly specific in … Continue reading

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Culture that Unites and Divides

After coming home from a very lovely two-week vacation in Europe, I’ve realized that It is only when I travel that I find myself being the most patriotic my Canadian culture and identity. By being immersed in other cultures, I … Continue reading

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