CBC and cybertyping Generation Y

CBC and cybertyping Generation Y CBC has gone zine. It’s a word that was adopted  by the Internet in the late 1990s (or five thousand years ago in Web years) after years of being small alt-magazines with limited distribution and … Continue reading

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Revitalization or gentrification?

Living in a fast paced and demanding workplace, I manage my stress by working out. I’m fortunate since my workplace has a gym complete with fitness instructors and wide range of aerobic classes. One day this week, I attended a … Continue reading

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Where traditional and citizen journalism find a place to live in harmony and cohesiveness

As we continue to experience the advent of digital communication — and in particular the continued proliferation of citizen journalism — there’s an interesting discussion to be had whether citizen journalism will eventually overtake traditional journalism, or rather the two … Continue reading

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Cybertyping and the Work of Race in the Age of Digital Production

During this module I presented Lisa Nakamura’s article, titled Cybertyping and the Work of Race in the Age of Digital Production. This was an interesting article by Nakamura and it really sparked some excellent conversation during discussion period! This was … Continue reading

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Public Service Narrowcasting

What we need and can now have is some genuine plurality. The above quote comes from Bazalgette’s Public Service Narrowcasting article (2009, p.40). I was so excited reading this article because I really believe that niche markets with special and … Continue reading

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We are what we consume or we consume what we are? Maybe neither.

It is typically assumed that we have our identity, our personality, what makes us ourselves, and we interact within society and certain social spheres, adapting to each of them (i.e. school, home, parties). Each scope of action for a social … Continue reading

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Traditional Media talks at people, while new media talks with them.

This class has taught me so much about media and culture in society and how interconnected these three areas can be. Sometimes being in the demographic for certain things doesn’t allow you to think about your surroundings clearly because you never have … Continue reading

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Memory Institutions: Still useful in today’s society?

To say that the world has increasingly become more tech-savvy in the last decade would be an understatement. Technology plays such a predominate role in today’s society, that most of us cannot go a day without updating our status on … Continue reading

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It’s only a text away?

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Only two hours after the massive earthquake devastated Haiti’s capital early on a Tuesday evening, the following tweet was sent from Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean’s account. “Please text ‘Yéle’ to 501501 to donate $5 to Yéle Haiti. Your money will … Continue reading

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‘Jack’: An inspiring tribute, or ‘nauseating hagiography’?

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Growing up in a household without cable TV, I rarely had choice when it came to TV programming; this fact likely inspired an education in political science, a profession in communications and a love for Canada’s game – hockey. I … Continue reading

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