New Year, New Semester

January is the month of new beginnings. New courses and new promises to myself that I will get on the treadmill… while I will probably slip back into old habits, I am so looking forward to making Media, Culture & Society my new Wednesday ritual.

My name is Kelsea MacNeil; I will be doing the class solely through distance (with the hope of making it on campus for at least one class). I am from the town of New Waterford in beautiful Cape Breton. Growing up in Cape Breton was one of the best upbringings that I could imagine and the reputation of Capers is certainly true – outspoken, fun and hospitable. These qualities have led me in the direction of public relations.

Going through my undergrad at CBU I was unsure of where my academic path would take me. I dabbled in different areas, but a turning point came when I landed a job with the local radio station. Through hosting their morning show, moving into promotional work, hosting community and high profile events and planning contesting and events with the radio station I found an interest that I never realized I had.

Turning my attention to the MPR program, I am thrilled with everything I have learned and experienced. I am looking forward to discussing media and how it impacts our society. I am also really excited to work alongside new classmates, and those that I have developed connections with in other classes throughout the program.

Cheers to a great semester!


About kelseamacneil

I am a full time public relations student at Mount Saint Vincent University. My interests are rooted in radio and politics.
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